600 amp crompton vcb

600 amp crompton vcb

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600 amp VCB Uses:

VCB is a vacuum circuit breaker, used in metal clad switchgear.

VCB used in porcelain housed CB.

Used in domestic and industrial applications.

Used beyond 440V.

Crompton VCB price list in Aerrexo.

Used where arc quenching occurs in a vacuum environment.

Known as the most reliable current interruption technology from medium voltage switchgear.

Features of Crompton VCB:

VCB has a long life.

VCB is avoiding the explosion.

It has no fire hazard.

VCB’s maintenance is almost free.

VCB is ideal for fault clearing and fasts in operation.

Type of product: Vaccum Circuit Breaker
No. of Pole: 3
Current Rating: 600 amp Crompton VCB
Application: for industrial use
Note: Actual product model might vary from given in the picture.
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