Low Tension Control Panel - LT

Low Tension Control Panel - LT

Low Tension Control Panels (LT)
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Low Tension Control Panel - LT

Lower tension control Panel is an electrical distribution board. That obtains power from the transformer or generator and distributes the same to different electronic devices or mechanisms and distribution boards. With using protective switch gears, they are used for monitoring and controlling the mains supply from a centralized area.

 These types of panels are mostly used in industries or business both for external and internal use. Hence, they are completely rugged to withstand various climatic conditions. Our LT panel or lower tension control panels are designed to work with low electricity utilization that makes them cost-effective. With Support by a team of experts or masters, we are giving our valuable clients a comprehensive range of LT Panels.


high performance

Low maintenance

Reliable performance

Easy to install and

Safety features

Our products range is treasured for these features.

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