Multifunction Timer

Multifunction Timer

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Type of product: Multifunction Timer
Input Voltage: 220 V AC multifunction timer
Current Rating: 5 A Multifunction timer
Application: For automation and industrial use
Warranty: return acceptable in case of manufacturing defect only, T&C apply.
Note: Actual product model might vary from given in the picture.
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Multifunction Timer - Rating 5AMP

Multifunction Timer is kindly used in automation and engineering. Multifunction timer is counter that count all event, measures frequency, batch frequency, motor frequency and many more. Multifunction timer is possible with interruption. The timer is one kind of clock that is used for count some specific time intervals. Simply, multifunction timer used in industrial, automation and engineering.

Features of Multifunction Timer:

It is a Multifunction timer unit.

The Multifunction timer is a Wide range of configurable control inputs.

MultiFunction Timer counts down or up if the input is removed.

Start simply.

Easy to turn on and turn off.

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